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Christian marriages are under attack. The research pulls back the curtain – many of our pastors are in desperate need of help.

Here’s what the latest research from The Fuller Institute and George Barna
tells us:

· 1500+ pastors left the profession each month last year

· Only 1 in 8 seminary graduates retire in vocational Christian ministry

· 80% of pastor’s wives wish their husbands were engaged in other occupations

· 77% of pastors felt they did not have a good marriage

· 71% of pastors stated they were burned out, battling depression beyond fatigue on a weekly and even a daily basis

· 70% of pastors have no close personal friends, no one in whom to confide

Sandi and I feel called to stand in the gap for every pastor and spouse who want a healthy marriage and ministry partnership. But we can’t it alone. We need your help!

How can you get involved?

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-Take the 40/40 Challenge and empower us to coach and train ministry-minded couples.

How does the 40/40 Challenge work?

It’s simple. We are praying for 40 partners who will support our ministry at $40 per month.

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